Inaugural Message from Mayor Yoshihisa Miyabara


My name is Yoshihisa Miyabara and I was elected Kobayashi's 4th mayor on April 23, 2018. It is my highest honor to be entrusted with serving as the mayor of our great city.

I believe in creating a dialogue and making decisions; I will serve as your mayor with the extensive experience I have accumulated and my characteristic ability to take dynamic action.  

Our goal is to promote measures for the well-being of our citizens such as:

-        Improving medical care, welfare service, education and child-rearing support

-        Promoting a healthy and safe environment

-        Industrial Development and employment measures

As your mayor, I want to be open to dialogue and keep your point of view in mind. With your support, I will continue the city's municipal administration with unwavering resolve.

Mayor's Profile

Kobayashi City Mayor

Yoshihisa Miyabara

Date of Birth

January 1, 1963 

Latest Academic Qualification

Miyazaki University Livestock vocational course 

Professional Experience 
  • April 1999             Member of Kobayashi City Council
  • April 2003             Member of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly
  • April 2016             Vice-president of Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly
  • April 2018             Mayor of Kobayashi


For inquiries in English, please contact: City of Kobayashi, Regional Revitalization Division

Address: 300 Hosono, Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki, Japan 886-8501

Phone (Domestic): 0984-23-1148

Fax: 0984-23-6650

Phone (Intl.): (+81) 984-23-1148


A speaker of English is generally available Monday-Friday from 9 A.M. ~ 4 P.M. Japan Standard Time. Please understand there may be times an English speaker is unavailable.


Kobayashi City
Regional Revitalization Division
Address: 300 Hosono, Kobayashi City, Miyazaki, Japan 886-8501
Phone: 0984-23-1148   /   Fax: 0984-23-6650   /   Email: