Charter Declaration of Kobayashi

DeclarationKobayashi City is following three declarations.

“Nuclear-free World and City of Peace"

World peace is mankind's common desire.

Japan is the world's only country to have suffered nuclear attacks. As a survivor of nuclear-bombs, the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we must continue to appeal to people around the world for the abolition of nuclear weapons, so as to prevent another nuclear attack on earth.

Kobayashi citizens, in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution of Japan, adhere to the "Three Non-Nuclear Principles."They intend to achieve permanent peace in the world and to promote the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

 We declare Kobayashi City to be a city of peace and “to pray for the abolition of nuclear weapons and wish for permanent peace."

“Human Rights City"

All human beings possess the transcendental right to dignity, the right to live a humane life, and the right to strive for happiness. 

Unfortunately, even in today's society, we encounter an unending variety of human rights violations against women, children, elderly people, people with disabilities and social integration (同和問題).Declaration2

We make an effort to protect the human rights of each citizen at all times. We shall banish discrimination to provide a cheerful and a delightful city for everyone. We will actively try to solve any human rights problems through furthering education and raising awareness concerning this matter. We shall not allow “Buraku-discrimination (i.e., discrimination against outcast people) or any other discrimination," so that all of Kobayashi's citizens are guaranteed a peaceful everyday life without discrimination.

Kobayashi City aims to be a city that protects everyone's human rights and thus, we declare our city to be a “City of Protection of Fundamental Human Rights."

December 22, 2006 

Community Health CareOur Healthy City

Kobayashi citizens live safely, and free from unfair medical and social welfare services. Living healthily and lively is the citizens' common desire. We, the citizens of Kobayashi, have the desire to live a safe, healthy and fruitful life. 

The citizens carefully consider limited medical services due to limited number of medical staff. Supporting and developing local healthcare services is very important for the community. 

Supporting and protecting the local healthcare services is very important for our community. We use our medical services while bearing in mind that they are not an unlimited resource.

Our goal is to live a healthy and long life by supporting and protecting our community health care. We, the citizens of Kobayashi, hereby declare Kobayashi “Healthy City aiming for Community Health Care."

  • We will decide on a family doctor and do our best to stay healthy by going for health checkups
  • We will visit medical facilities during consultation hours as much as possible
  • We will aim for a healthier life by increasing our knowledge of health and by improving our lifestyle, step by step, starting with exercising
  • We will keep a good balance between our work and personal life, cherish and enjoy our life and the time spent with people around us
  • We will be thankful for our food and keep a healthy diet


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