Symbols of the City



The symbol “K" is the initial English letter in “Kobayashi", and the left side shows the Kobayashi citizen. The two ellipses represent old Kobayashi and old Suki village.

The future vision of the new city is to “inspire people and develop industry, nurture its historical progress and appreciate its beautiful nature" which has been symbolized simply and clearly in this emblem.


Official City Flower: "Cosmos"


The cosmos flower's dainty figure has been widely known as a flower to represent autumn. It is written “autumn cherry blossom" in Japanese letters (秋桜). Kobayashi City features the beautiful Ikoma Plateau which is known widely as a prominent tourist destination for enjoying cosmos. During September and October, when the Cosmos Festival is held, more than one million cosmos flowers show off their beauty.


Official City Flower Tree: "Cherry Blossom"

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom trees or “sakura" can be found anywhere in Kobayashi. They bloom all at once for a very short time at the beginning of spring. Thus, they are widely known as a representative of spring. The most famous spot for enjoying cherry blossoms in Kobayashi is Makiba, where a road flanked with “sakura" leads up to a plaza surrounded by trees, that invites for a scenic picnic. The first generation of trees was planted in 1908 and consisted of more than 3000 trees. Until their lifespan came to an end in 1973, the annual cherry blossom festival which had attracted 400.000 visitors yearly was discontinued. In 1985, new trees were planted and by 2004, when finally the famous “cherry blossom tunnel" could be viewed again, their numbers had increased to a 1000. In 2008, just 100 years after the first cherry blossom festival, “Makiba Cherry Blossom Festival" had its revival. 

Official City Tree: "Fir Tree"

Fir Tree

 Fir trees which are native to the forest of the city, are popular garden trees and well-known as Christmas tree. Forest makes up 75% of the city's area and is therefore counted amongst the city's most valuable resources. 




Official City Bird: "White-Bellied Green Pigeon" 

White-Bellied Pigeon

The white-bellied green pigeon is a beautifully colored bird which used to be specifically protected in Suki, until it became part of Kobayashi in 2006. Due to the fact that its habitat has been drastically decreased, it has become a rare sight these days.   



Official City Insect: "Firefly"

Lightning bug

The firefly is a symbol of the rich natural environment in Japan. The city treasures its precious water resources, its fresh springs and clear streams, which are a necessary requirement for wild fireflies to prosper. The annual firefly festival at Idenoyama was first held in 1990 but had to be cancelled for three years due to flooding caused by typhoons. This incident led to a deepened understanding about the difficulties and the importance to protect Kobayashi's rich nature. 

Official City Song: "Hometown, Dream and Future"

 Municipal Song

Kobayashi is fostering a sense of unity after the merging of Kobayashi City, Suki Village and Nojiri Town. In order to improve the image of Kobayashi City and create a feeling of belonging, the “Kobayashi City Song Committee" was established. Together with this committee, the citizens decided upon a city song.

Please click here to listen to the song.







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