Updated: February 25, 2019


Officials are warning people to stay away from Mt. Shinmoedake. 

On February 25, 2019 the volcanic eruption warning has been raised from level 1 to 2 on a scale of 5 by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Large flying rocks are expected within 2 km of the crater. The agency is also warning of pyroclastic flow in the range of 1 km from the crater. 

As a result, many hiking trails around Mt. Shinmoedake remain closed until further notice. Also, between Mt. Ohatayama and Mt. Shishikodake hiking trail has been closed again.


Abbreviated Term

Levels and Keyword

Action to be taken by inhabitants

Eruption Warning

Level 5


Evacuate from the danger zone.

Eruption Warning

Level 4

Prepare to evacuate

Prepare to evacuate from alert areas. Let disabled persons evacuate.

Near-Crater Warning

Level 3

Do not approach the volcano

Stand by, paying attention to changes in volcanic activity. Let disabled persons prepare to evacuate in line with current volcanic activity.

Near-Crater Warning

Level 2

Do not approach the crater

No actions taken


Level 1


No actions taken


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